Saturday, 2 June 2012

First Post :)

Ok, so this is my first blog post...I am slowly figuring out how to design this page, be patient it will get better.

I started making cards about 3 years ago.  My friend Irene Hirtle got a bunch of us started and there has been no looking back lol.  Irene has taught us sooooo many techniques and introduced us to some great products from Stampin' Up and with great patience I might add.  I've been hooked ever since. 

It wasn't long after we started making cards that we found Kristy Hardy and her store, Scrapbooking Cafe.  Kristy has so many products from so many companies.  You need to check it out -   Every time I'm there I find new things that I just can't wait to get home and play with.  When I need to go to my happy place - I go to Kristy's!

For the last 6 months, every Thursday I get together with the best ladies in the world - Carol, Sherrie, Sheryl, and Jane - and we make cards all day.  It is the most fun and I can't tell you how much we all look forward to it!  We all have our own style and at the end of the day, the most beautiful cards have been made.

I love taking a flat card and filling it with dimension and texture and colour and details, there are so many possibilities with each card.  To me, more is better, there's always room for one more little thing.  And I love birds, flowers, gardens - anything to do with nature.  I think you'll see that in my cards and hope you enjoy looking :)

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